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Beer Nutz!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

from theweeklybrew



Earlier this month I ran across a series called Beer Nutz: Season 1 and thought I’d watch it. Let’s just say it’s a good thing they only made one season.

Beer Nutz is a show that follows two guys around the US as they explore the beer culture of various towns. They do everything from brewing to bottling, and cover things like food pairings. Perhaps my favorite part is that they visit famous craft beer landmarks in the towns they visit. Sounds good so far eh? Ya I thought so too. In fact I was downright excited for this series to arrive. The reason I was disappointed is that at every landmark they have someone explain some aspect of craft beer to them and then give them a rating to show how much of a beer nut they are. The ratings are done in kegs rather then stars. The premise may have been good, but the execution was cheesy as all get out.

The show has good production values, and lacks the let’s explore local culture aspect that many similar shows have. I enjoy this fact because it keeps it’s focus on beer, and beer alone. Also, the fact that it covers cities all over the US is great. The only cities I enjoyed watching though were San Fran, Portland, and Vancouver BC….. Okay….. Vancouver is in Canada. So maybe this show goes beyond the US. The brewers in each city though are interesting and for the most part knowledgeable. Fritz Maytag of Anchor and Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog come across as brewing masters. These things make Beer Nutz: Season 1 a nice little watch once kinda series. I guarantee that you wont be popping it in for a movie night though.

So why write a post on it then? Because this is an Oregon blog and their segment on P-Town is worth watching. I loved seeing the guys up at Edgefield working the bottling line, having a tasting session at Hair of the Dog with Alan Sprints, and visiting Horse Brass pub and chatting with Don Younger. In fact Don Younger has the best quote in the series when he says, “Happy hours are for rookies and whores.” The show did an amazing job capturing Portland’s beer culture. I love the lady who says that PBR is the beer of Portland. In fact here’s a highlights clip of the Portland episode, watch it yourself. If you like the video then consider buying Beer Nutz: Season 1 for yourself.

Results Of Beer City USA Poll

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Charlie’s poll for “Beer City USA” has closed, and the winners have been announced. Of course accusations of cheating have been leveled, mostly in Portland’s direction, and the trash talking has started. Perhaps more interesting then the results are some of Charlie’s comments about it. Check them out here. Also here are the results in case you don’t want to read the whole thing in an attempt to find them.

Who gets top honors?  I’m honoring both Portland, Oregon and Asheville, North Carolina this year.  They are number one in the east and number one in the west with about 6,000 votes apiece.   What, no definitive Number 1 and Number 2?  Correct.  Is that a cop out?  I don’t think so, but of course beer drinkers are an opinionated group of individuals and may beg to differ. 

Will I conduct a Beer City USA poll next year?   I haven’t decided that yet. 

Now I have to get myself to Asheville for a first time visit and revisit the delights of Portland.

Cheers Charlie,

We may not like your poll much, but we respect you none the less

Preping For P-Town

Friday, April 10th, 2009

sidetopMost people I know look forward to a day in Portland. I on the other hand do not. I grew up in Salem, Oregon, and that’s as big as I tend to like cities. Even after all those summers in San Fran, and those two weeks in London, Portland still feels big, noisy, crowded, and way too full of people. I don’t like the vibe, I don’t like the max, and I don’t like all those quaint little businesses that everyone rails about. Portland however is the central point in Oregon’s beer culture. Therefore tomorrow I set out on a quest for the Spring Beer and Wine festival. The road will be fraught with idiots who can’t drive, and dreaded beer snobs, but still I must persevere.

Apparently some people out there don’t even think this beer festival is worth it when compared with the bigger ones in Oregon, but I think it will be right up my alley. I’m told that even though it doesn’t have as many local craft brewers that it’s nowhere near as crowded. Ya, this thing does sound right up my alley. I think this thing may be fun after all. Besides tasting beer isn’t about the snobbery or culture of it all. It’s about relaxing, having a good time, and trying some new beers. Although I will admit the list isn’t as appealing as I’d hoped. Here’s the link to the selection. Too bad about all those IPAs on the list.