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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

I was planning on doing a post on fermenting at acceptable temperatures¬†in a hot room, but seeing as how the triple digits are gone for now it won’t do me much good. Might do others some good, but not me ūüôā

Today instead I wanted to talk about community. Community is a word I absolutely hate. Maybe hate is a strong word. Nope, it works in this case. Community has become corrupted into a trendy buzz word that has lost any good solid meaning. I guess a better word would be¬† a group of people with similar interests who bounce ideas off each other, support each other, and collaborate. Ok, that’s a phrase, and one of the definitions of community, but it’s still more pleasant to my ears then community.

Anywho, I know for a fact that there are knowledgeable people who read this blog and have interesting stuff to say. And, to be honest I sometimes get tired of hearing myself talk. That combined with my need to unload these Deschutes posters has led to the development of an idea. I have posters to give away, you guys have valuable input. Later today I will put pictures of the posters up and the number of each I have. Then I will give them away in exchange for input.

If you would like a poster, then all I ask is you write some content for this blog. You can rant against BMC, IPA’s. You can write what you want. Just send it to¬†If I like it I’ll let you know what posters are still¬†available and send¬†one to you. Sound good to you guys?

Deschutes Posters

Friday, July 10th, 2009

deschutes-logo2I’ve been meaning to do an update for awhile about this, but one thing after another drove it from my mind.

I got ahold of two separate people from Deschutes, and they’ve both declined having an add on this blog. Also they informed me that¬†they can’t give me any hats, tees, glasses, or such to give away.¬†Sad day eh? Awesomely though I am still gonna give away the posters. The problem is I can’t decide how. If I’d have known giving stuff away took this much thinking I would’ve delegated away¬†this responsibility to Paul. I do enjoy being able to tell people they won something though so I will figure something out eventually. Also I’ll keep beating the streets for more free¬†beer related stuff to give away. After all I’m a poor kid in my twenties, so free is good.

I know there are a few people that read this blog who deal either in homebrew equipment, or with breweries, so if you guys want to run any contests to promote your business let me know.

from theweeklybrew

Get Free Stuff

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Sunday I let you guys know that I had some cool Deschutes posters to give away and asked for some ideas. So far I have gotten no love in the comments. I know it’s only Tuesday, but still….. Actually I shouldn’t say no one has given me ideas. Ryan from EverydayQB thought it might be fun if I asked people to send in videos of themselves and gave everyone who submitted a video a poster. How does this sound to you guys?

If I do offer up one of these lovely posters would you guys be willing to send an a video of you and your friends/spouse/just yourself having a beer? The videos would be turned into a little amalgamation¬†video of people who read this blog celebrating good times and great beer. I really like this idea, but want input from you¬†to make sure it’s something I should run with.

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To Do List

Sunday, June 14th, 2009


Today marks the end of my work week and tomorrow is¬†the start of the weekend. The fact that I neither work tomorrow nor Tuesday means that I get to spend it doing catch up for the blog and my beer stuff. So here’s my beer to do list. Since your all so interested right? ūüôā

Get a Deschutes Brewery Add On Here

I’ve talked to a couple breweries, and may talk to¬†some more people, about putting some adds on this blog. The catch is this wont in any way¬†pay the bills for this blog (although the hope is for this blog to pay for itself and eventually make a profit). Instead what they’re going to do is give me stuff to give to you guys in exchange for the add. Deschutes was the first to pony up. This brings me to my next item.

How do I give away a bunch of posters?

Deschutes came through with some framable quality¬†promo¬†posters for their beers and some stickers. When they first said they’d send me some posters to give away I was disappointed. I was really hoping to give you guys something like pint glasses or t-shirts. Truth is these posters are awesome and both myself and my family want some. Anyone with a bar at home needs one of these for their wall. The beers include Twilight, Black Butte, Mirror Pond, Jubelale 2008, and others. However tempting it may be to keep some of these I am giving them away though, so¬†if you have good ideas for¬†how to do this let me know in the comments.

Bottle my Uncle Fuggles Kinda Rye Ale

This is the longest name I’ve had for a beer, but it looks to be worth it. It’s spent the last to weeks sitting on lightly toasted oak chips and almost 2 ounces of Fuggles. I’ve been looking forward to this beer alot.

Get My Bike In For Repairs

My bike is falling apart. It’s been due for some maintenance and part replacement for a bit now but with the constant need to ride back and forth to Mt Angel that I had I could never find time to take in. Because of this the bike has been a single speed for two weeks thanks to a broken derailleur cable, the rear brakes are shot, and the rear tire gets more out of true daily. This doesn’t sound beer related, but I need my bike to get up to Silverton to see the guys at Seven Brides again. So there you have it, my bike getting fixed does have to do with beer.

Visit Pale Horse Brewery

This is Salem’s newest brewer in a long time and I haven’t even done my research on it. CapitolTapsfirst alerted me to their existence and I have now finaly¬†tried both beers they offer. I’m hoping talking with the brewers will shed some light on this operation and its future here in town. Oh here we go, another beer related reason to get my bike fixed.