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Rethinking The Rose

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

rose20swirls_cd011107faThe score sheets for my Rose Red Ale came in a couple days ago. With life being what it is one thing and then the next pushed it back further in my priorities so I’m sorry it’s taken so long to post them. My final assigned score was 33.3 out of a possible 50. Prior to these sheets arriving I had no idea how the scoring system worked, so to find out my first place beer got a D for a score didn’t sit as well as I thought it would.

I’ve known from the first time I tried it that I wanted to reformat this recipe. The beer was malty, but had no distinct malt flavors, just a bland general maltiness. It was also overly sweet in my opinion. Even the warming character common to bigger beers just wasn’t there. The thing that bugged me most though was that the rose character didn’t come through the way I wanted it too. Strangely enough these were the same issues the judges had, and it’s what kept the beer in the very good category.

Judge 1

Aroma:Carmel malt, slight hops, rose is subdued, perfumy   7/12

Appearance: med brown, a bit cloudy (clears as it warms), low head   2/3

Flavor: interesting, low malt/hops, kind of woody/astringency, low bitterness  15/20

Mouthfeel:fairly astringent, a nice warming sensation but does not seem verry alcoholic   3/5

Overall Impression: interesting “beer” I would not have guessed rose without knowing it. Subtle but pleasent   7/10

Judge 2

Aroma: fragrant perfume, not flowery   8/12

Appearance: a bit cloudy   2/3

Flavor: this has a very lite rosehip flavor, but it is very subdued  13/20

Mouthfeel: crisp, clean, some astringincy   3/5

Overall Impression: a nice beer w/ a slight floral flavor, needs more character   7/10

Judge 3

Aroma: fragrant & floral, not finding rose hips, fruity esters, -light malt-, floral increases as it warms, light wood   8/12

Appearance: med brown color, slight haze   3/3

Flavor: sweet non discript malt, no hop, esters, -perfume or floral-, a touch of wood  11/20

Mouthfeel: med body, carbonation oil, non warming   4/5

Overall Impression: rose component is very lite, would like it more descript, beer is sweet slowing down on drinking pleasure   6/10

Rose Red Review

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

While I was over in La Pine I got a tasting sheet back from Carlos on the Rose Red. Here’s what Carlos had to say about the beer.

Rose Red Alerose20swirls_cd011107fa

Appearance – describe how the beer looks
Carbonation- MODERATE
Clarity- DENSE
Aroma – describe how the beer smells
Aroma – Good smells FLORAL, CITRUS, CARAMEL,

Bouquet – Hop smells EARTHY, WOODSY
Taste – How does the beer taste?
Mouthfeel – LIGHT

Thanks for the beer and the taste test. My wife and I enjoyed it. Its the first home made brew we have ever tasted. Pretty good!
Do you want the bottle back?
Carlos and Amy Gonzales


Thanks Carlos.

If you don’t mind I could reuse the bottle. Thanks for writing the review, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

By the way I just checked out that poll for beer city USA and Portland is loosing again. Get your friends out there to vote for P Town.