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Lamer Then Lame

Monday, August 17th, 2009

from theweeklybrew


Uncool in every single way. I think that best sums up Summer in the City this year. Many of the shops weren’t having sidewalk sales, other then the wine pavilion there was little in the way of businesses or people, and lastly they charged admit.

I ended up getting Sunday off so I could head on down. I showed up, payed my $7.50, got my free commermative wine glass and went strait into the beer pavilion. The place was deserted. Granted it was only noon and the festival had just opened, but many of the food booths still hadn’t even gotten going. I looked around and didn’t see Venti’s beer tent so I went to Straight From New York’s booth and got a slice of Pizza and a glass of Ember from Seven Brides. Not a bad way to start a festival. After I’d finished my beer 20 min later I left for the tequila themed tent. The band in the beer tent had been setting up for almost 30 min and I wanted to hear some music. I would have left sooner, but you weren’t allowed to take alcohol from pavilion to pavilion. Lame.

I found the Venti’s tent in the Garden of Agave pavilion and bought myself a Root’s Heather Ale. Maybe I’d built this beer up in my mind, because I was disappointed. Not nearly as floral as I’d wanted, and a not altogether unpleasant straw taste. In the Agave garden the one mic was not working, so none of the bands had vocals. That, and every band seemed to stop mid performance to try and fix that fact. Wandering around I realized that even at 3pm this event was still dead. The wine tent at least had people. I even saw Jeremy and Kory ( I know I spelt those names wrong ) who I’d met at Club 6 the night before. Also I saw Leslie outside Napoleons.

So to sum up the festival, Lame. I spent to much money on average wines and a poor selection of beer. The bands took to long to get going. The best part of the afternoon was grabbing fish tacos from La Perla before heading home.

Anyone have a different reaction?

Hot Town, Summer In The City

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

From theweeklybrew


It looks like we may get halfway decent weather for Summer In The City music fest after all. With the clouds looming over the last couple days I was starting to wonder. The forecastthough is calling for partly sunny with temps in the high 70’s to low 80’s this weekend.

I’m still not sure how I feel about summer in the city. I’ve never been a huge festival goer. Also, the more I look at it the more I wonder why they bill it as a music and wine festival. Sure they have something like 21+ wine vendors, but they also have a car show (at Riverfront Park), Texas Hold ’em tournament, sidewalk sales, and beer pong. Seriously, beer pong?? Sounds more like a carnival to me minus the rides (there will be some bouncy houses for the little ones). No fear though, I’m sure those will be listed as a feature in a couple years. Maybe it’ll look like 4th of July in Independence eventually 🙂

Mostly I want to go so I can spend a nice relaxing day listening to some music, maybe swing by the craft beer tent that Venti’s is helping put on. Really that’s all I see as highlights. Problem is I work Saturday and 2 out of 3 of my coworkers are both busy that day. The other just got done covering everyone’s shifts the last two days (except mine) and will be covering shifts for another one my coworkers till Wednesday plus doing their own. I feel almost mean just thinking about asking them to cover my shift Saturday.

For those going the festival, it is at the intersection of Liberty and Court. Entrance is $10 for Saturday, $7.50 for Sunday, and $15 for a 2 day pass. There is a free zone within the fest, but there are also three pavilions. These are the beer pavilion, the wine pavilion, and Hornitos Garden of Agave. Not sure if Hornitoswill be worth visiting though. For more info on what’s going on, and a list of wineries, artists, and food check out the website

Summer In The City

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

JR gave me an updated taplist, I’ve posted it at the bottom

logositcJR has made sure it’s no secret that Venti’s has some Burghead Heather Ale from Roots waiting to be tapped, and I’ve made it no secret that I will visit said keg when it is tapped. However JR has informed me that Thane is holding back on tapping it. for more specifics on Venti’s involvement check out their blog.

Here’s the email I received from JR

Bad news, good news.
Venti’s Cafe, in conjunction with Maletis Beverage, Portland, is operating the Craft Beer Pavilion

during the 2009 Salem ‘Summer in the City Music & Wine Festival’.

Bad News first:

Burghead Heather Ale is not on offer at Venti’s Cafe.
Thane continues to hold the 1/6 barrel of RootsO ‘Burghead Heather Ale’ in reserve
hedging against a short fall by a beer distributor; Columbia, General, Maletis, Mountain People

Good News, at last:

Allegedly, there will be an inexhaustible supply.

Venti’s Beer Pavilion at ‘Summer in the City Music & Wine Festival’btw, the four beer taplist is

  1. Burghead Heather Ale; Roots Organic Brewing Co., Portland: nil IBUs / 5.3% ABV
  2. LSD, Lompoc Strong Draft Ale; New Old Lompoc, Portland: ~ 55 IBUs / 6.9% ABV
  3. Invasive Species IPA, Captured by Porches Brewing Co., St. Hellens, 92 IBUs / 6.3% ABV
  4. Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA; Ninkasi Brewing Co.; Eugene: 100 IBUs / 8.8% ABV

regards, jbx

Updated Taplist

Specifically, the beers offered at the SITC Beer Pavilion are

  1. Burghead Heather Ale; Roots Organic Brewing Co., Portland
  2. Red Emma Amber Ale, Captured by Porches Brewing Co., St. Hellens
  3. LSD, Lompoc Strong Draft Ale; New Old Lompoc, Portland
  4. Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA; Ninkasi Brewing Co.; Eugene

The bitterness, IBUs, and alcohol content, % ABV, of these beers are delineated below:

  1. Burghead Heather Ale: nil IBUs / 5.3% ABV
  2. Red Emma Ale: 32 IBUs / 6.1% ABV
  3. Lompoc Strong Draft: ~ 55 IBUs / 6.9% ABV
  4. Tricerahops Double IPA;100 IBUs / 8.8% ABV