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Venti’s Update

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

I’ve updated the list to reflect what they have more accurately as of June 22

vtweetApparently yesterday was Venti’s solstice celebration and I missed it. Normally I don’t mind missing these things, but lately I’ve been on a tight budget, and apparently your first pint yesterday was $1. $1 pints???? Why on earth did I have to work yesterday?

So as of yesterday here are the taps at Venti’s. Please keep in mind that Venti’s does everything on rotating taps so this could be wrong.


Alpha Dog Imperial IPA
Black Bear XX Stout
Elysian “The Wise” ESB
Fish Tale Organic Amber


Tricerahops Double IPA (this one pops up alot at Venti’s it seems)
Hop Rod Rye IPA
SOB Porter
Hill Billy Blonde (who knew Pale Horse could make it into Venti’s taplist?)

Happy St. Patty’s

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

istock_irishstoutI wasn’t planning on doing two posts today, but it’s St. Patty’s so what the heck.

Irish Stouts On Tap

As long as we’re on the subject of St Patrick’s I figure I may as well talk about some local joints that have Irish stouts on tap today. In no particular order, the Ram has their seasonal Irish stout out right now as do McMenamins locations. Conrad Venti also let me know today that Venti’s cafe now has an Irish stout from Seven Brides Brewing on tap for the holiday. If you want more info on what it is check out their blog, or head on in for some good bento and a pint….. or two.

Free Beer

Free beer just seems like a good thing to go with St. Patty’s doesn’t it? My Rose Red ale has just finished carbonating, and is ready for consumption. For people interested I’m giving out a free bottle of it on the condition that you fill out a questionnaire about it so I can use the feed back on my blog. If your interested shoot me an email at There is a limited number of beers that I can give out so let me know soon.

Share Your Passion

I just joined a group at for people in the Salem area that are interested in good beer. If you also think it’d cool to find some local people interested in beer then check it out. Hopefully someone gets around to making a Salem area homebrewers group. Maybe I should make one eh?

Need Bottles

Last but not least I’m running low on empties for bottling. Between my spoiled gruit, my Rose Red, and my new gruit that will have to age for an obscene time all my bottles are tied up. If you have some empty standard size pop tops your willing to part with let me know.

Tap Report

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

meblogI should have thought about this before I committed to it. Although a tap report sounds easy, going around to every pub and buying beer isn’t a great way to stay sober. So I think what I’ll do for tap reports is do a few local pubs, and just recommend a good beer from them. Also if there’s a bar or pub you’d be interested in knowing more about the selection at let me know in the comments. So without further whining on my part here’s what’s on tap in Salem/Keizer.

Boon’s Treasury

This is definitely the best place to go for craft beer in Salem. They have an amazing variety of beers that are almost all brewed by McMenamins, and it’s Satellite brew pubs. For the inside scoop on what’s good, you can’t go wrong with a Rubinator. The Rubinator is a mix of their Terminator Stout, and Ruby Ale. With the great selection though it would take a whole post to cover what’s available there, so here’s just a few.

Irish Stout – Available starting March 1st
Pole Axe
Edgefield Wheat
Black Rabbit Porter
Terminator Stout
Dr Who
Ninsaki IPA

Ram Border Cafe

With great food, atmosphere, and a decent bar The Ram is a decent place to go. Although they don’t have as big of a selection, they are a brew pub, and make pretty darn good beer. If your a fan of Bocks, Bighorn has a really good one.

Irish Stout- Available starting February 25th
Mai Bock – Available starting in April
Big Horn Hefeweizen
Big Red IPA
Buttface Amber
Total Disorder Porter
Bighorn Blond

Porters Pub

Really there’s nothing exceptionally special about Porters. Like most pubs they have excellent food, and a decent selection of beers on tap, but lack the craft brews that some have. The thing I love about Porters though is that it’s a local place with a family friendly atmosphere, and it doesn’t cater to the trendy aspects of beer culture like Boons does. Also any place with Guinness or Dead Guy on tap will get me to at least order one beer with my meal.

mirror pond IPA
fat tire
Alaskan Amber
Fat Tire
Black Butte Porter
Dead Guy