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The Perfect Pairing

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

My article on some creative pairings was published today at Porsche Perfect. If you want to skip my rant about pairing and go straight to the article then click here.


One thing I’m adamant about is not turning this blog into another beer rating/beer pairing thing. There are plenty of people out there who will gladly spend what feels like hours describing the flavor profile of a single beer. They will go on and on about obscure notes while trying to think up abject ways to express what they’re tasting. They will go on about a bold IPA that has toffee and pine flavors and is a bit “cheeky” on the back of the tongue. They’ll use words like rogue, or catty to describe hop profiles. This crap doesn’t help anyone really. Taste is subjective.

The fact that taste is subjective is also why I don’t do pairings. I think beer is meant to be enjoyed, with or without food. It shouldn’t matter if I pair my Summer Steam Style Ale with a burger or with something a little classier. I always found it silly when wine snobs went on about pairings either with food or cheese. Sure some beverages will bring out the flavors in certain foods, but if people aren’t tasting the same flavors then what good is you telling them what to drink with their meal? While I’m on the topic. What is it with beer and cheese pairings? I just don’t get it.

So anyway all that ranting to say I wrote a pairing guide the other day for the PorschePerfect blog. Instead of pairing beer with food though I thought it would be fun to pair it with cars. Check out the article here.

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Rose Red Review

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

While I was over in La Pine I got a tasting sheet back from Carlos on the Rose Red. Here’s what Carlos had to say about the beer.

Rose Red Alerose20swirls_cd011107fa

Appearance – describe how the beer looks
Carbonation- MODERATE
Clarity- DENSE
Aroma – describe how the beer smells
Aroma – Good smells FLORAL, CITRUS, CARAMEL,

Bouquet – Hop smells EARTHY, WOODSY
Taste – How does the beer taste?
Mouthfeel – LIGHT

Thanks for the beer and the taste test. My wife and I enjoyed it. Its the first home made brew we have ever tasted. Pretty good!
Do you want the bottle back?
Carlos and Amy Gonzales


Thanks Carlos.

If you don’t mind I could reuse the bottle. Thanks for writing the review, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

By the way I just checked out that poll for beer city USA and Portland is loosing again. Get your friends out there to vote for P Town.

Newport Part Deux

Monday, March 9th, 2009

newport-007  After an amazing lunch at Nana’s, and some tasting at Beir One we crossed the bridge, and landed ourselves at the Rogue Brewery. This was the stop I had been looking forward to all week since this was to be my first time visiting it since my 18th birthday. First thing I noticed when we pulled up was the new paint job that gave everything a fresh look that contrasts with Newport’s other famous buildings which have that rundown feel to them.


As one would expect the inside of the brewery smells like beer. The shining kettles and the smell of malts are enough to make any brewer or beer lover grin like a giddy school kid.


There was no brewery tour going on when we arrived, so we headed on up to the bar and tasting room. We sat down and straight off ordered two tasting trays, and shortly after the first two we ordered a third, and a shot of their pink gin for sampling.


Here’s the rundown of the beers we sampled, with hearts next to our favorites.

• Paul’s Black Lager ♥
• Frog Stout
• Smoke Ale ♥
• Oak Aged Quad Frog
• Mogul Madness
• Charlie 1981
• Sesquicentinial  ♥
• October Fest  ♥
• Hazelnut Brown  ♥
• Manage a Frog
• Oregon Golden  ♥
• Shakespeare Stout  ♥


After we put away three pints worth of beer between the two of us we sat around talking, and decided to visit their new distillery while we were there. We arrived at the distillery in time for a tour this time. We were guided through their distilling process, and treated to samples of both their gins, their Dead Guy Whiskey, and also got to taste their hazelnut infused rum. Over all their spirits were pretty good, but not as smooth as I’d have thought. The most interesting bits of information from this tour though were that they were aging a batch of their Dead Guy Ale in their Dead Guy Whiskey barrels, and that about once a month they do a sort of beer yard sale with mismatched bottles from their previous production line. I am definitely gonna do some research on this yard sale as it would be awesome to get some cheap Rogue. Also I really want to get my hands on a bottle of the Dead Guy experiment when it’s released.

Newport Part 1

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

I was gonna do a quick overview of the trip and then launch into a post about Rogue, but the trip went far better then expected, and with all the awesome beer related stuff I think I should start at the beginning.

We drove up shortly after 10am Friday morning, thinking we would grab some lunch at a little pub on the way to the Rogue Brewery. The pub turned out to be the highlight for me though, rather then a side trip. As we walked in to Nana’s Irish Pub I think we were both impressed. An Irish flag fluttered outside the door, and the walls were bedecked in memorabilia from UK beer companies that included an old school Guinness poster on the wall. We found a seat at a table near a window and ordered beer from our waitress.


The Irish imports are impressive here, and we ended up with a Smithwicks Irish Red, and a Stella Artois (Belgium import). Honestly though I could have spent the day beer tasting here and would have thoroughly enjoyed myself. But if I thought the beer was impressive the food was even more so. The fish from my fish and chips was so fresh and moist it was amazing, and the Reuben was made with their very own corned beef that they make in the morning, The friendly wait staff, and the locals made lunch a very pleasant experience. My only regret is that this pub is in Newport rather then Keizer. This is the kind of pub I would swing by on my way home from work every night.


As we were packing up it was let slip that we were there for beer tasting at Rogue, and to do some research for my homebrewing. The waitress recommended that on our way we stop at a little homebrew shop called Beir One that apparently had an amazing selection of beer. The directions we received were it’s on the right, just before you cross the bridge to get to the brewery. We ended up passing it since it was such an unassuming little shop, but found a parking spot a couple buildings down. Turns out not only did they have an amazing beer selection, but also the biggest selection of mead I’ve seen a store carry. We ended up sampling some of that mead, and also a barleywine, and an awesome double chocolate stout while we were there, and I ended up walking out with way more beer then I’d planned on buying. Although the store was light in terms of equipment and ingredients for brewing the lady was awesome, and knowledgeable, especially about meads.Next time your in Newport I recommend you stop in and look around.


Monday will be about Rogue.