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A Great Brewers Dinner

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

Sadly I couldn’t make the Fort George Brewers Dinner at Venti’s, but I’ll see if I can get a review of it from Conrad (who helped out) or Jack (who hopefully got to go).

Instead I went to the Capitol Brewers “Brewers Dinner” where we honor the clubs best homebrewers and invite the local brewers to enjoy a meal with us. It ended up being a great night despite the foreboding weather. When I pulled up to Annette’s the sky had turned dark with clouds and the wind had picked up. But it’s Oregon, and rain is a fact of life. At least we were indoors and the rain decided not to pour like it did during that mornings schoolyard football game. Anyway the beer was awesome, and that’s the point of this post.

In total there were 6 or 7 kegs I believe, not to mention the sheer variety of bottles. There were several bottles of cider, Dick Blankenship brought his peach lambic that won him AHA Homebrewer of the Year this year (most amazing peach lambic I’ve had… Heck my favorite lambic yet for that matter), not to mention a keg or two and even an 8 year old Old Ale that we cracked open. Josh brought a keg of his stout, someone brought a blond, and I think there were two IPA’s and a pilsner as well. Jesse brought his chocolate stout, and these are just the beers I tried. There were many more that were probably note worthy though.

The professionals that showed up were Dennis (Brewer at Pale Horse) with a case or two of his new IPA Hop Dog. Jeff from Seven Brides and Hops2You was there. Also Mike from RAM brought several growlers including ZZHop and their oktoberfest, and Jen from Thompsons brought the winter warmer “Wookie” that she brewed with Scott, who also was a runner up for best homebrewer in the club award thing. The beer was enough to last several days, but everyone helped attempt to finish it all. Also another note is that there were a garbage bag each of tettenanger and perle hops for anyone to take what they wanted. Nothing better then hops, good beer, and some great conversations about beer.

Overall it was an awesome dinner and it showed that even if Salems brewers aren’t considered the worlds best that they are generous and love a good time.

Barley Cup

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

mcmenaminsSpecific information on this event may seem lacking, but that’s because there isn’t much out there to go off of. Here is McMenamins info on it.

This Saturday is the 12th Barley Cup at Thompson’s Brewery in south Salem. Every year McMenamins breweries randomly draw a style of beer which they then have to brew for the competition. The winner of the contest then goes on to represent McMenamins at the Holiday Ale Festival in Portland. If you choose to attend though you won’t get to pick the beer that goes on. That honor is reserved for volunteer members of Capitol Brewers. If you do go however you get to choose the peoples choice award.

Interestingly enough I was there when judges volunteered, and if the enthusiasm of the volunteers is a measure of the quality of the Barley Cup then it may not be an event worth going out of your way for. Truth is I don’t know. This is the first year I have heard of the Barley Cup since McMenamins does such a crappy job advertising to Salem that this event is going on.

Hopefully though this will be my first year going. If I can get work off Saturday evening then I plan to attend. Also if I do make it I hope to take some video of this event. Who knows, I may even volunteer as a judge for next years.

Does anyone else in Salem plan to attend?