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Of ZZ Hop and Chili Stout

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

from theweeklybrew

Last night I managed to make it to both Venti’s where I had the Chocolate Chili Stout, and the Ram where I had a couple pints of ZZ Hop. While I recommend both beers I definitely prefered the Chili Stout.

Chili Stout

This beer was the best of both worlds for me. I love a nice warming chili beer, and I ♥ stouts. Definitely was my favorite beer of the evening. I wanted to shoot some vid of Venti’s basement, but Bobby wasn’t bartending so I didn’t know the person behind the beers. Filming in a small beer, without permission, and with a strange bartender is daunting.

ZZ Hop

A really great fresh hop ale. Tastes floral and green with noticeable, but mild hops, and some yeast flavors that I noticed more on my second pint. Definitely enjoyable, but not life altering good. but

The one thing I learned from last night was I need a new drinking buddy now that Kaylie has a boyfriend…. Call me strange, but it just feels weird to ask a girl if she wants to go to the pub when she has a boyfriend, so I don’t. Haven’t gone drinking with Kaylie since before her like 2 month hiatus. Time to start lookin for a new one.

If you want I have a time lapse video of me drinking the fresh hop and an choppy video from Summer In The City I never posted that I thought I’d toss up. Also you may notice these aren’t true beer reviews. That’s because I personally believe beer drinkers need to try a beer for themselves rather then read a review. If you want to know what the beers were like then try get out there and have a pint.

ZZ Hop Time Lapse from 72mm Blogs on Vimeo.

Untitled from 72mm Blogs on Vimeo.

Get Free Stuff

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Sunday I let you guys know that I had some cool Deschutes posters to give away and asked for some ideas. So far I have gotten no love in the comments. I know it’s only Tuesday, but still….. Actually I shouldn’t say no one has given me ideas. Ryan from EverydayQB thought it might be fun if I asked people to send in videos of themselves and gave everyone who submitted a video a poster. How does this sound to you guys?

If I do offer up one of these lovely posters would you guys be willing to send an a video of you and your friends/spouse/just yourself having a beer? The videos would be turned into a little amalgamation video of people who read this blog celebrating good times and great beer. I really like this idea, but want input from you to make sure it’s something I should run with.

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