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Corks Are Evil!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I know the Doc doesn’t like these diary style posts, but I’m tired, cranky, and hating my new bottle corker.

Back in August I made a wine from all the extra summer squash in the garden. The final recipe looked something like this.

21 lbs of squash
10lbs of sugar
1/4 cup peppercorns
1 can of Grape Concentrate
2 tbl black tea leaves
And alot of orange and lemon slices

The resulting wine is interesting to say the least, and tonight was the night I bottled this interesting concoction.

Thinking I’d try to make my wine look nice I decided to bottle most of it in 750ml Champagne bottles and 12oz green bottles and cork all of them. Doug at Homebrew Heaven store made corking sound easy after all. “The synthetic corks slide into the bottle fairly easy,” he said. Well here I am 1.5 hours later smelling like a Frenchman.

I easily spilt a 12oz bottle worth of wine on myself, sweated like a pig, and my hands are killing me. All in all though I’m happy with the final product. Now I just have to rack these bottles for awhile to let the wine mellow. That pepper flavor is a bit intense.

A Summer Harvest Wine

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

from theweeklybrew


For a while now I’ve been fascinated with the non grape/non berry wines out there. I have watched multiple videos on making nettle wine, read about pea pod, and even brewed a sparkling tomatoe wine once. But when I decided all this extra squash we have would make good alcohol my first thought wasn’t to make wine, it was to make a vegetable beer. However after some internet searching I have come to the conclusion that wine is the best way to dispose of my zuchini and crooknecks. So far I’ve developed a basic recipe/shopping list and want some input from you guys.

Things I need:

5 gal Plastic Fermenting Bucket
Campden Tablets
Pectic Enzyme
Wine Yeast
10 Oranges
7 lemons

Things I have:

Water (no brainer eh?)
15+ lbs Zuchini (Have alot of it, will get the rest from those desperate people trying to get rid of theirs)
5+ lbs Crookneck Squash
Yeast Energizer
Yeast Nutrient
Honey (may need some more though)
Sugar (Will need about 10 lbs I believe)
Ginger (may or may not use some, haven’t decided)